City will fund most of road upgrade

By on Thursday, September 22nd, 2022 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

PENDLETON – The Pendleton City Council has approved contributing no more than $749,999.99 towards making major improvements in Franklin Grade Road. Horizon Project, which is building South Hill Commons, a low-income housing development there, will pay $300,000 for road work. A lot of work is needed.

“The subgrade of the road isn’t good,” City Manager Robb Corbett said. “The thickness of the pavement isn’t good. There are some drainage issues there.”

Since Horizon’s developer is already at work, Corbett said the city would save money by helping on that road, which could be a vital link to future housing.

“The public works director and community development director looked at the condition of the road and also looked at the developments that are being talked about on the Rees Goad property,” Corbett said. “Franklin Grade Road actually enters the Rees Goad property from the north.” The undeveloped Rees-Goad property east of Pendleton is comprised of 270 acres of land that property owners intend to develop for housing.

Graphic rendering of the housing project proposed by Horizon