City of John Day receives $4.5 million in latest state legislative session

JOHN DAY – John Day Mayor Ron Lundbom was excited to announce in a news interview that the city has received a total of $4.5 million from the Oregon Legislature for different projects, thanks to the passage of House Bill 5006 and Senate Bill 5534:

“They gave us two million for the relocation of the pool. They gave us a million for the Kam Wah Chung property…and with the money earlier in the session, they gave us the one-point-five, we’re at four-point-five million for this session from the state legislature.”

The $1.5 million the Mayor mentioned was awarded for the new wastewater treatment plant going into construction.

The Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site will be building a new interpretive center where Gleason Pool is now. As the mayor stated, $2 million will go toward the relocation of the pool.  In an earlier episode of KJDY’s Coffee Time, John Day City Manager Nick Green stated the plan is to build a pool at the end of 7th street. Mayor Lundbom said the new aquatics facility is estimated to cost around $6 million.