City of Burns says, “Help control hazardous vegetation

Burns, Or-

The City of Burns Nuisance Vegetation Ordinance is designed to minimize fire and health hazards by controlling flammable vegetation. Overgrown vegetation can create fire and traffic hazards and is a violation of nuisance ordinances in the Burns City Code. The City of Burns will take action to make sure that overgrown grass and weeds and other forms of nuisance vegetation are controlled.

Property owners are responsible for keeping grass and weeds below ten inches in height and or other nuisance vegetation that extends into a public way, impairs motorists’ visibility, or crosses a property line.

This is found under Burns Municipal Code 8.10.050- Nuisance Vegetation Violation of this section is a Class D Violation for a first (1) offense and will be upgraded one level for every offense thereafter within the same calendar year.

These minimum standards are established to provide reasonable measures of controlling fire and health hazards and to protect lives and property. The goal of the Burns Fire Department is to establish a fire-safe community through voluntary compliance of informed property owners and residents. A working partnership between property owners, their neighbors is the best defense against disastrous fires.

Feel free to contact City Hall with any questions and concerns you may have at 541-573-5255.