Chief Joseph Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink to Sponsor Miles for Mammograms

By on Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News More Top Stories

JOSEPH, OR – (Information provided by Wallowa Valley Health Care Foundation)  The Wallowa Valley Health Care Foundation will once again partner with Chief Joseph Days’ Tough Enough to Wear Pink to sponsor Miles for Mammograms.  The breast cancer awareness walk starts and ends at the rodeo grounds, two blocks west of Main Street in Joseph, at 9:00 am on Thursday, July 29.  Proceeds raised through the event support free mammograms for local low income women, and can help cover some follow up costs if needed.

Miles for Mammograms offers locals and those visiting the area to attend the annual Chief Joseph Days rodeo a chance to show their support for those dealing with breast cancer.  Data shows that approximately 13% of women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives.  Breast cancer accounts for about 30% of all cancer diagnosis.  Although breast cancer is far more common in women, men do get breast cancer as well.

Wallowa Memorial Hospital donates the food for the event.  Occupational therapist Angela Mart, who co-runs a local breast cancer support group with Dawn Haskett, will be at this year’s event to talk about breast cancer and what local support is being offered for those dealing with the disease.  Additional sponsors include Wallowa Mountain Medical Clinic and Olive Branch Pharmacy.

“We’re honored to be able to join with Tough Enough to Wear Pink to bring attention to this important issue,” said Wallowa Valley Health Care Foundation vice president Diana Collins.  “We appreciate that the money raised goes back to the hospital to help local, low income women get free mammograms.”

On Miles for Mammograms:  The walk is 3.2 miles and its $35 to enter. It starts at the rodeo grounds, heads toward Iwetemlaykin (ee-weh-TEMM-lye-kinn) Trail and winds through there, and then heads back to the rodeo grounds.  Wallowa Memorial Hospital is sponsoring the refreshments, and will have a speaker to talk about the breast cancer support group in the county.  Other event sponsors include Wallowa Memorial Medical Clinic, Olive Branch Pharmacy, and Bank of Eastern Oregon.  Proceeds go to Wallowa Memorial Hospital to a fund that allows local, low-income women to receive free mammograms.

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