Calf found deceased, attributed to the Chesnimnus Pack

WALLOWA COUNTY – July 27, 2020 – Wallowa County (Peavine Creek area) Date Investigated: 7/27/20 Cause of death/injury: Confirmed General situation and animal information: On 7/26/20 a dead, 4-month-old, 300 lb. calf was found by recreationists in a large, timbered, USFS pasture. The owner contacted ODFW on 7/27/20 for an investigation. The calf was intact with little scavenging. The calf was estimated to have died around 7/23- 24/20. Physical evidence and summary of findings: The entire carcass was skinned and examined. Multiple premortem tooth scrapes measuring 1/8 to ¼-inch wide were found on the inside and outside of the back of both rear legs above the hocks. The tooth scrapes were angled back and down and hemorrhaging was found up to 2 inches deep in the corresponding muscle tissue. Several puncture holes and open wounds measuring ¼ inch to 1-1/2 inches wide were found on the inside and back of both rear legs. These wounds overlaid hemorrhaging found in the muscle tissues, the open wounds had an approximately 2- inch diameter area of muscle tissue missing from under the hide. These injuries are consistent with wolf attack injuries. The calf appeared to have died sometime after the initial wolf attack. The depredation is attributed to the Chesnimnus Pack.

July 24, 2020 – Wallowa County (Three Lakes area) Date Investigated: 7/24/20 Cause of death/injury: Possible/Unknown 2 General situation and animal information: A day rider found the remains of a 4-month-old, 350 lb. calf in a large, private, grassland pasture late in the morning on 7/23/20. ODFW was contacted later and an investigation was scheduled for early 7/24/20. Hide remained on the head, down portions of both sides of the barrel, over the rump, and down the outside of the rear left leg. The date of death was estimated to be between 7/20/20 and 7/21/20. Physical evidence and summary of findings: The remaining hide was skinned, and the surrounding area searched. No attack or struggle scene was found. There were no pre-mortem bite marks or hemorrhage on the remaining carcass or hide. No evidence was found to suggest the death was wolf-related. However, due to the lack of muscle tissue and hide the determination is possible/unknown.