Calf found dead, attributed to wolf depredation

WALLOWA COUNTY – (Information provided by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)

October 3, 2021 – Wallowa County (Deer Creek area) 

Date Investigated: 10/3/21 

Cause of death/injury: Confirmed 

General situation and animal information: On the morning of 10/3/21, a cattle producer’s agent found a dead, 9-month-old, 600-700 lb. calf in a 15,000-acre forested private-land allotment. The carcass was mostly intact, though hide and muscle was consumed at the stomach, right side ribs, sternum, and throat. The right front leg was also missing. The calf was estimated to have died approximately 24-48 hours prior to the investigation. Physical evidence and summary of findings: The carcass was skinned and examined. There were more than 20 pre-mortem tooth scrapes and punctures up to 3/8 inch wide found on both hindquarters between the hocks and anus. Underlying tissue trauma and hemorrhage extended up to 2 inches deep. There were similarly sized pre-mortem tooth scrapes and punctures located behind the left jaw. The premortem tooth scrapes and punctures, hemorrhaging, and muscle tissue trauma are indicative of a predator attack. The size and location of the bite wounds and severity of trauma are similar to those observed in other older calves attacked by wolves. This depredation is attributed to the Clark Creek Pack.