Budget forecast is bad news for Braun

CENTRALIA – The latest revenue forecast for Washington state is better than expected, but Senate Republican budget leader John Braun says it’s still not enough. The lawmaker from Centralia said there’s still hope if speedy action is taken in light of an anticipated deficit of almost $4 billion.

“We should be meeting in a special session right now to reprioritize spending and put the budget on a better course for the nine months left in the biennium,” he said. “The longer those decisions are put off, the more difficult they will become. It’s long past time for anyone to be counting on help from the federal government.”

Braun added that dealing with problems now could get the state ready to face the problems facing Washington in the near future.

“Besides the significant costs associated with what is already a near-record wildfire situation, there is the possibility that Boeing may announce plans to move all production of its 787 jetliner out of state,” he said.

Braun said those two factors make the need for a special session even more urgent.