BREAKING NEWS: HPD has a suspect in June 9 shooting death

By on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 in Columbia Basin News Regional News

HERMISTON – Investigators from the Hermiston Police Department and the Umatilla-Morrow Major Crimes Team believe they have solved the June 9 murder of Jesus Eli Lopez, 21.

“We’ve identified a suspect,” Lt. Randy Studebaker said. “We’re in consultation with the district attorney and we anticipate that charges will be filed in the coming days.”

When the investigation into the shooting death began, detectives had little in the way of clues. Studebaker said they’ve made great progress.

“Our suspect is currently in custody out of state on unrelated charges,” Studebaker said. “We know he’s going to be held until we get our warrant issued.”

Because the investigation is ongoing, Studebaker declined to release any more details about the suspect.

“There are still some loose ends on the investigation that we’re tying up, and in order to protect those leads we can’t release any additional information at this point, but we’re confident that our case is solved and we’ll have a murder warrant issued soon.”

Studebaker praised the investigators.

“We had a lot of assistance in this case from the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office, the Oregon State Police, and the Stanfield Police Department,” he said. “It was a great team effort.”