Boiler fails at high school

HERMISTON – A boiler is cracked and needs to be replaced at Hermiston High School. Superintendent Tricia Mooney said staff noticed evidence of a leak in a classroom revealed a crack in the boiler early this week. Maintenance staff is working at keeping the boiler running until it can be replaced.

The Hermiston School District Board of Directors held an emergency meeting Thursday and approved using approximately $200,00 from the general fund to replace the boiler. It heats an estimated 15 classrooms, the gym, the fitness room, and the locker rooms.

Mooney said the staff is managing the leak and adding extra water to the boiler until a new one is installed. No teachers have been displaced from their classrooms due to the leak.

By issuing the declaration of an emergency, the school board allows the district to use its contracted heating and cooling company to provide the new boiler. That will allow for a speedier replacement because it circumvents the bidding process that is required for non-emergency situations.