BENT has stellar 2018

By on Monday, January 28th, 2019 in Local News

PENDLETON, Oregon – The Blue Mountain Enforcement Narcotics Team takes a low profile, but the detectives from throughout Umatilla and Morrow counties were very busy in 2018.

“The total seizure of illicit drugs in this last year by BENT alone in this county was 129 pounds,” Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts said.

He said those drugs did not include marijuana.

“The total was about 84 pounds of crystal methamphetamine that was taken off the streets,” Roberts said. “Heroin was four pounds. We have about 600 dosage units of oxycodone and fentanyl.”

Roberts said BENT detectives have also developed numerous cases that have been handed off to international law enforcement agencies. He added that while there’s always still work that remains to be done, BENT actions have made a dent in both drug addiction and the crimes related to it over the last year.