Bates Building to open soon at Prairie City School

By on Friday, December 1st, 2023 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News More Top Stories

PRAIRIE CITY – Superintendent Casey Hallgarth recently updated KJDY’s Coffee Time listeners on the progress of the Bates Building on the Prairie City School campus, which has been undergoing renovations:

“Tentatively…we’ll schedule it for January 2nd—the Grand Opening. Everything is going to be completed except…the paint on the siding. It’s just too cold to paint. So, they’ll do that next summer. And then, do some asphalt work around the Bates Building in the summertime.”

The building was moved to its current location from the old town of Bates in the 1970’s. Hallgarth said two classrooms will be dedicated to the Preschool program, which will be able to take on 25 students—up from 18. The building will also include the school’s new boardroom and spare classroom, as well as a room for daycare.

Listen to the full podcast with Superintendent Hallgarth as well as Elementary Principal Rhonda McCumber here: