Baker County Public Library is a cool place to beat the heat/smoke

By on Wednesday, July 21st, 2021 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News More Top Stories

BAKER CITY – (Release from the Baker County Library District) To escape the wildfire smoke and extreme heat, Baker County Library District invites everyone to visit its main branch library in Baker City and enjoy the powerful air conditioning and air filtration systems.  

Thanks to federal CARES Act grants disbursed last year to combat COVID-19, the library HVAC was upgraded with MERV 13 filters or better, plus needlepoint bipolar ionization technology which creates the kind of fresh air naturally found in environments such as waterfalls and after thunderstorms. In addition, wall-mounted air purifiers in each of the library lounge and computer lab spaces increase air circulation and provide even more safety and comfort. 

“I expect we have some of the cleanest air in town,” says Library Director Perry Stokes. “We’re hearing gasps of relief from folks walking in for both the 72 degree temperature and smoke-free air. The library is a one-stop shop for recharging your phone, lungs, mind, and hydration level.”

Library admission and use is prepaid courtesy of Baker County taxpayers. There are no visitation time limits. Masks are optional.  For business hours, call the library or visit the website at .