Baker City Welcomes Its New Administrators

By on Monday, November 21st, 2022 in More Top Stories Northeastern Oregon News

BAKER CITY – (Original information from the Baker City Newsletter) With elections over, Jonathan Cannon, city manager for Baker city, would like to welcome Baker City’s new city council members and Baker County’s new County Commissioners. In a message from the November 18th newsletter, Cannon wrote:

Congratulations to our newly elected City Councilors. Citizens may not realize City Council positions are voluntary in nature. What I mean by this is city councilors are paid $150 per year for their service. Payment of this amount pales in comparison to the hours and commitment the city councilors invest in their position. Certainly, some city councilors invest more time than others but all at minimum attend council meetings, attend assigned boards and committee appointments, and participate in training. Some schedule regular meetings with the city manager, meet with community organizations, and attend community functions. Others spend time studying city records, budget information, or state statutes. Each councilor brings a unique perspective to the City Council and provides representation to a varying group of individuals within the city. Every councilor is a participant in the decision-making process. Sometimes those decisions are for items that are well-received and fun. Sometimes those decisions are difficult and create consternation or frustration amongst some in the community. City councilors are praised for their work and at other times yelled out or accused in all sorts of incendiary manners. The work of a city councilor is worth far more than they are paid. I believe the volunteer nature of the job brings a more dedicated citizen to pursue the position than it would if we paid them for the job. I express my appreciation to those who pursue the opportunity to be on City Council.

Congratulations to our newly elected County Commissioners. Shane Alderson will be resigning from the City Council before he officially takes office as a County Commissioner. I look forward to working with our newly elected County Commissioners. The city actually works closely with Baker County on many issues. We have numerous agreements with the County. Most operate smoothly and accomplish some goal or work expected by our citizens.”