Baker City Welcomes Full Time Firefighter Nick Cripe

BAKER CITY – (Information from the City of Baker City) Volunteer firefighter for Baker City Nick Cripe has officially been brought on as a full time professional firefighter with the department. In a recent Newsletter, City Manager Jonathan Cannon gave the following message.

“Baker City would like to welcome Nick Cripe to our Fire department. Nick joined the Baker City Fire Department as a paid part-time volunteer in September 2022 and was recently selected for the 40-hour Fire Fighter position. He started at the Baker City Fire Department in his new position on January 23, 2023. Nick, a graduate of Baker High School, earned his Fire Science Degree from Central Oregon Community College in Bend and worked for La Pine Fire Department as a student, paid-time volunteer while attending school. We are glad he has joined our Baker City Staff.”

In addition, Cannon would like to thank former firefighters Ryan Tachneko and Ben Decker for their service, stating:

“Baker City would also like to wish two of our firefighter’s success as they move on to new endeavors in other locations. Thank you, Ryan Tachenko and Ben Decker, for your service to the department. Baker City will soon advertise to fill these positions.”