Baker City says, “Water Conservation is the key!”

BAKER CITY- (Release from Baker City Public Works) The City of Baker City is experiencing very high-water usage during this hot weather. The Public Works Department is reporting that peak hour demand rates now exceed 8.5MGD. A typical summer water use day is approximately 4.5MGD. Water conservation will be the key to allow the water supply to meet the public’s water demand. 

The City has implemented Stage 1 of its Water Curtailment Plan. This plan has four stages 

Including Stage 1-Alert Status, Stage 2- Warning Status, Stage 3-Critical Status and Stage 4-Emergency Status. 

The Alert Status requests voluntary conservation from industrial, commercial, and residential customers. 

In addition, Public Works has specifically requested that Parks, Cemetery and the Golf Course reduce their usage to 70% of normal for irrigation. 

Here are some great water conservation tips. 

*Water your lawn in the evening rather than the heat of the day when evaporation is at its greatest. 

*Water your lawn every other day, not daily. 

*Run only full loads in the washer and dishwasher 

*Turn off running water while brushing your teeth 

*Install low flow shower heads and toilets 

*Fix any water leaks 

Please continue to wash your hands frequently-Stay Healthy!