Another depredation attributed to the Lookout Mountain Pack of Wolves


A recent investigation report from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife indicated another livestock depredation attributed to the Lookout Mtn. Wolf pack. This comes on the heels of Baker County Sheriff Travis Ash releasing a letter calling for the removal of the Lookout Mtn. Pack.

(Investigation report from the ODFW) 

September 13, 2021 – Baker County (Lawrence Creek area)

Date Investigated: 9/13/21     Cause of death/injury: Confirmed

General situation and animal information: On the afternoon of 9/13/21, ODFW staff found a dead approximately 400 lb. calf in a 2000 acre forested private-land pasture. The carcass was largely consumed but most of the hide was intact. The calf was estimated to have died three to four days prior to the investigation.

Physical evidence and summary of findings: Portions of the hide were shaved and all of the remaining hide was skinned. Over 40 pre-mortem parallel tooth scrapes up to 1/4 inch wide and 4 inches long were found on the outside and back of the left hind leg above the hock. Similarly sized pre-mortem tooth scrapes were also found on the right hind leg above the hock and at both elbows. The location, size, number, and direction of tooth scrapes is consistent with wolf attack injuries on calves. The depredation is attributed to the Lookout Mountain Pack.