Andrade is released from jail

By on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 in Local News

Veronica Andrade

HEPPNER, Oregon – The mother whose infant son was killed in an alleged drunk driving crash is no longer in the Umatilla County Jail. Morrow County District Attorney Justin Nelson says Veronica Andrade of Boardman requested that her $500,000 bail be lowered.

“At that release hearing, the court heard testimony of her lack of criminal  history, and then also the family support – different family members available to help watch her,” he said. “Based on those factors, the court lowered her bail to $50,000.”

Nelson said that when he checked the jail roster later, he noticed that Andrade was no longer an inmate, leading him to conclude her family had posted bail.

“That bail would be $5,000, even though it’s $50,000,” he said. “You can do 10 percent, which would make it $5,000.”

Nelson said that it might be some time before Andrade is tried on manslaughter and driving under the influence of intoxicants. Because she is not in custody, she no longer has the guarantee of a trial within 60 days of her arrest. In addition, he says her attorney indicated the defense might hire an investigator which would increase the time needed to prepare for the case.