Airport remodel is in full swing

By on Thursday, June 2nd, 2022 in Columbia Basin News Featured Stories

PENDLETON – The Eastern Oregon Regional Airport is using $3.9 million in CARES Act funds to completely remodel itself. That money came with the stipulation that it must be used for the airport. Airport Manager John Honemann said that the remodel does not include luxuries, just necessities.

“We’re going to redo all the HVAC,” he said. “We’re going to redo the restrooms, carpet, paint, and finishes inside. We’re going to redo all the windows and get them up to modern standards.”

Honemann said the project also includes making some ADA changes. The lighting will also be upgraded as will tower access for air traffic controllers. Elvis’ Restaurant inside the airport remains open by using the front door entrance. It’s set for a remodel, but that won’t begin until after Round-Up.

Meanwhile a temporary terminal is in place for travelers.

“All you need to do when you park is go to the left of the main terminal,” he said. “There’s a man-gate that goes onto the airfield. You’ll see two structures. One is restrooms – nice ones. The other is the temporary terminal for Boutique. Go in there, check in like you normally do.”