A sheep guard dog, believed to have been killed by wolves

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ELGIN, OR – (Information provided by ODFW) August 30, 2020 – Union County (Gordon Creek area) Date Investigated: 8/30/2020 Cause of death/injury: Confirmed General situation and animal information: The morning of 8/29/2020, a sheep herder found the carcass of a 100 lb. livestock guardian dog on a USFS grazing allotment near a sheep band night penning area. ODFW was contacted about 9pm on 8/29/20 and investigated the following morning. The carcass was fully intact and had not been scavenged. The estimated time of death was 24-36 hours prior to the investigation. Physical evidence and summary of findings: The entire carcass was skinned and examined. Pre-mortem bite wounds were found on and around both front elbows extending to the shoulders, with associated areas of hemorrhaging approximately 6 inches by 10 inches across and tissue trauma up to 1 ½ inches deep. A paired pre-mortem bite wound on the right shoulder had approximately 1 7/8 inch canine spacing and ¼ inch puncture width. There were also multiple pre-mortem bite wounds including paired canine punctures with approximately 1 ¾ inch canine spacing and ¼ inch puncture width on the hind legs between the hock and base of the tail. Associated tissue trauma on the hind legs was approximately 1 inch deep. The pre-mortem bite wounds are a clear sign of predator attack and the size, severity, and location of injuries are consistent with other wolf/dog conflicts. This depredation is believed to have been caused by wolves of the Ruckel Ridge Pack.