A new network to help Eastern Oregonians to the resources they need

EASTERN OREGON – (Information provided by Eastern Oregon Community Resource Network)

The newly launched Eastern Oregon Community Resource Network (EOCRN) uses technology to connect resources to people and communities in need. Multiple organizations in Baker, Union and Wallowa counties act together through this resource network.

“During times of adversity such as these, we recognized the need and also the resources in our Eastern Oregon communities. This resource network includes private and public sector non-profits, tribes, social service groups, hospitals, school districts, churches and individuals to share resources to address the needs of people and to address social service gaps in our community,” said Maria Weer, Building Healthy Families Executive Director.

Building Healthy Families is the administering organization overseeing this network. The Oregon Department of Human Services has been a coordinating agency helping with its organization and launch. This product has been developed by Galaxux Inc. Galaxux is responsible for hosting and providing ongoing maintenance and support.

Here’s how EOCRN works: When an EOCRN member becomes aware of a need, either through a phone call or through the EOCRN website, they first check with 211 and other local resources. If that member can’t meet the need, they post it on EOCRN (https://www.eocrn.org/) to mobilize the entire community. EOCRN uses custom matching to notify members with profiles that match the need. These EOCRN members contact the member who made the request to coordinate details to fulfill the need. EOCRN values privacy of the clients and does not identify the client.

Requests could be anything from food to clothing to essential household items. Eastern Oregon has higher poverty rates than the state in general; as well as high childhood poverty rates; lack of public transportation and in many areas, there are food deserts, meaning there is a lack of affordable, heathy food nearby.

“The network also works to address the long-term solutions to needs. We want to help support a thriving community. We live here. We believe in working together to make a better world for all of us,” Weer said.

So far, there are 55 members in the network. They will meet quarterly to connect, network and act on identified social priorities.

For more information about EOCRN, or to sign up, go to www.EOCRN.org/.