A message from the Oregon Department of Forestry

LA GRANDE – (Release from the Oregon Dept. of Forestry)

It seems like the news is full of stories about the fires in Oregon. #NEODistrict has our own #ElbowCreekFire with a Type 1 overhead management team on it. It’s no secret that conditions have reached EXTREME levels. Our fuel conditions are setting records. The conditions are critical with conditions ripe for large fires and a shortage of resources.

Remember to report fires when you see them. If there are no firefighters in the area, please assume we don’t know about it. You can call 9-1-1 to report fires. Another key point is that anyone who is found negligent, malicious, or willful in causing a fire can be held liable for all the additional costs. When aircraft, heavy equipment, and crews are added to the firefighting efforts, the costs can quickly reach millions of dollars. Restrictions and closures have changed recently.

Make sure you know what the restrictions are before you head out. If you need more information on the fire restrictions for lands to protect by NEO District, you can call (541)975-3027 or visit www.Bmidc.org#FireYear2021#KnowBeforeYouGo#firerestrictions