Use caution on Forest Roads and changing conditions

John Day, Prairie City and Hines(Forest Service News Release)-Unpredictable road conditions are widespread across the Malheur National Forest as we experience spring breakup and snow runoff events. Plugged culverts, washed out roads and down trees can be encountered on forest roads.

Our road crew is working hard to make repairs, but the issues are widespread. Forest road users are encouraged to help remove small culvert blockages where they can. You could save a road! Down trees should be cut the full width of the road, not just a width needed to get a particular vehicle through.

Remember to always be prepared while visiting the Forest. Have a shovel, chainsaw, come along, walking boots, water, food, and blankets on hand.

For more information about the Malheur National Forest, visit or call our offices at:

• Blue Mountain Ranger District/Supervisor’s Office: (541) 575-3000

• Emigrant Creek Ranger District: (541) 573-4300

• Prairie City Ranger District: (541) 820-3800

• Prairie City Ranger District: (541) 820-3800