Trial set for AT&T cell tower lawsuit

By on Wednesday, January 31st, 2024 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

WALLA WALLA – AT&T’s case filed in federal court against the city of Walla Walla over a proposed 65-foot cell tower is set for a bench trial on Nov. 12. The trial will be held before U.S. District Court Judge Stanley A. Bastian in Richland, Washington and is estimated to last three days.

Walla Walla City Attorney Tim Donaldson said AT&T has made two arguments. First, AT&T claims that the hearing examiner’s decision denying the conditional use permit is not supported by substantial evidence. The city maintains that it is.

Second, AT&T argues that the denial of the Sturm Street tower by the hearing examiner “effectively prohibits” AT&T from providing full coverage to its customers. The city maintains that the denial does not effectively prohibit full AT&T service, and that AT&T has other alternatives available for any alleged coverage deficiencies.

In its response to the complaint filed by AT&T, the city argues the wireless company’s application for the tower did not meet requirements set in the city’s code.