Riverside Rebuild project received over $75,000 in one week

By on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 in More Top Stories Northeastern Oregon News

LA GRANDE – In a show of dedication to community wellness, Riverside Rebuild, a project to fund the construction of a brand-new playground at La Grande’s Riverside Park, received a total of $77,100 in donations during the week of February 12. Starting out that week with $85,425, the project now sits at $162,525, pushing to over half its needed funding (total of $265,000) in one week alone. A further $20,000 in donations has been pledged though not yet received as of the time of writing. Reflecting on the incredible pace of funding, Riverside Rebuild committee member Sharron Langdon commented:

“I think that it’s just a testimony to how incredible our community really is and how much they poor back into the community. I’m excited, I think the whole committee is very pumped.”

Beginning fundraising in Early November 2023, Riverside Rebuild aims to break ground on the new playground in spring 2025 to replace the beloved, but now over 20 years old, structure. Once the fundraising goal is reached, a matching grant will be provided to cover all remaining construction costs. Though the recent pace of funding has been exemplary, the time needed to process grant applications means Riverside Rebuild has until roughly mid-March to complete fundraising for the project to move forward on time. As explained further by Langdon:

“For some of the main grants, we have to have those applications in by the end of March. If we have the money by mid-March, that will give Stu Spence time to be able to get those grant applications in.”

That said, it isn’t just monetary donations making the project happen. Various contractors and local construction companies have agreed to volunteer time and equipment. Once ground is broken, these local companies will assist during various phases of construction alongside the primary contractor. As described again by Langdon:

“What we don’t see in that dollar amount that’s been donated is we also have people who have donated and pledged their labor hours. We have a construction company that is going to donate their time for so many days to excavate. We have another that is going to come in and help set up. We have other pledges that are not just monetary which will help the process once the park is breaking ground.”

For those interested in supporting the project, donations can be made directly online https://lagrandeplayground.org/donate/ or by contacting La Grande Parks and recreation. Specific pieces of playground equipment can also be sponsored as another form of donation.