Real Heroes: Monument Volunteer Ambulance

By on Wednesday, February 7th, 2024 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News More Top Stories

MONUMENT – Monument Volunteer Ambulance Director Rose Howe was on KJDY’s Coffee Time Wednesday morning, as part of Elkhorn Media Group’s recognition of our local communities’ Real Hero volunteers. Howe, an EMT Intermediate, has been a volunteer with the ambulance for 26 years in Monument. She said being under the auspices of Blue Mountain Hospital District allows for proficient patient transportation throughout their rural coverage area in northern Grant County:

“When we’re paged out, the Paramedic Unit is [also] paged out. We meet halfway to transfer our patient, which has greatly cut down on our ambulance call time as volunteers, from about four-hours-plus, to about two hours. So, we’re very thankful to be under the umbrella of the Blue Mountain Hospital District.”

Howe said the volunteer ambulance program is currently fundraising to purchase a stair chair, to help with patient transport up and down stairs. There are currently five volunteers on the Monument Ambulance roster.

(Photo courtesy of the Monument Volunteer Ambulance)

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