Ordnance Reminders, Wastewater Updates, and More from the City of North Powder

NORTH POWDER – (Information from the City of North Powder Newsletter) Keeping a city looking clean requires at least two things: sanitation infrastructure, and proper usage of that infrastructure. The City of North Powder has updates and reminders on both.

A quick reminder first though. The North Powder Library has new hours:

Tuesday and Wednesday: 2 P.M. to 6 P.M.

Friday and Saturday: 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

As of June 2, construction has officially begun on the Wastewater System Project. Work on the evaporation ponds has been slower than expected but is ongoing. The property is currently surrounded by a temporary electric fence which will be replaced by barbed wire once the project is complete. Upgrades and repairs to the lagoons and collection system are also underway.

On the subject of waste, North Powder would like to remind residents that garbage and accumulated refuse must be removed from properties by owners, occupants or tenants within city limits at least once per week. Ordinance also dictates that garbage must be kept in a water-tight pest proof (rodent and insect) container that does not exceed 32 gallons. Storing garbage in bags or open-air containers is illegal and considered a health hazard. 

The city would also like to remind residents that North Powder follows the Union County Dog Ordnance. For those unfamiliar, the ordnance dictates the following:

  • All dogs 6 months or older require a dog license (issued by the sheriff’s office).
  • Any residence with four or more dogs requires a kennel license, regardless of who the dogs belong to.
  • Dogs must be contained and cannot roam off private property unless they are somehow constrained (such as with a leash).
  • Dogs are not allowed on other properties without the consent of the property owner in question.
  • A dog is considered a nuisance if it:
    • Bites or harms a person.
    • Bites or harms an animal.
    • Damages or destroys property other than the owners.
    • Scatters garbage.
    • Habitually trespasses on property other than that of the owner.
    • Barks frequently.
    • Is kept in an area that is unsanitary or creates foul odors.

Anyone that needs to report a problematic or nuisance dog can call Union County Animal Control at 541-963-1017. The city will not file complaints on behalf of residents.