ODOT open house on Pendleton traffic signals is still open

By on Friday, May 17th, 2024 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

PENDLETON – The Oregon Department of Transportation is testing certain intersections in Pendleton to determine if their traffic signals can come down. Currently, the intersections being studied are one at Southwest First Street and Southwest Court Avenue and one at the intersection of Southwest 10th Street and Southwest Dorion Avenue.

Pendleton Public Works Director Bob Patterson reminds people it is ODOT and not the city that have launched the studies. People have until June 4 to air their opinions.

ODOT says that the signals at the two intersections are “outside their existing lifespan.” Further, the agency states that traffic conditions have changed since they were installed and from a traffic volume and safety perspective, they are no longer needed. At the intersections, Court and Dorion traffic will no longer be required to stop, while vehicles on First and 10th streets will have to stop.

The benefits, according to ODOT, will be reduced delays for travelers on Court and Dorion, reduced signal-related crashes, reduce the need for continued maintenance, and eliminate future maintenance costs with the savings helping to fund improvements at other, busier signal locations in downtown Pendleton.

To learn more about the study and to voice opinions, go to https://odotopenhouse.org/openhouse/pendleton-intersection-improvements.