North Powder and Boise Cascade hit with DEQ wastewater fines

By on Friday, December 1st, 2023 in More Top Stories Northeastern Oregon News

UNION COUNTY – In a Press Release, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality confirmed that the City of North Powder and Boise Cascade Wood Products LLC, located in Elgin, were hit with fines related to wastewater issues during October.

The city of North Powder was fined $11,692 for, as stated by the DEQ:

“Violating order or compliance schedule in permit; Failing to collect monitoring data – Sched B; Otherwise unclassified; Otherwise unclassified; Exceeds bacteria limit by factor of 5 or more; Submitting false/inaccurate/incomplete info”

North Powder City Hall told Elkhorn Media Group that the fine was related to the ongoing transition from discharging wastewater in the Powder River to using the newly built evaporation ponds, as the city is no longer permitted to discharge in the river. The other portion of the fine was due to some wastewater data being recorded incorrectly. North Powder is currently working toward mitigating its wastewater impacts, as per a previous agreement with the DEQ, to comply with new restrictions and is negotiating to have the fine reduced.

In addition, Boise Cascade in Elgin was fined $18,368.00 for, as again stated by the DEQ:

“Discharging wastewater from log deck sprinkling operations without a permit and failing to collect monitoring data.”