Grant Union High School has a Health Occupation/Career program

JOHN DAY – Blue Mountain Hospital is hosting students from across Grant County today for Rural Health Career Day. It is an opportunity for all local 9th and 10th grade students to learn more about careers within health fields.

On Tuesday morning, Grant Union High School Health CTE Instructor Sylvia Brown was on KJDY’s Coffee Time and said that she’d be heading to the hospital for the event after the interview. Brown mentioned that she’s developed the new Health Occupation/Career program at the high school:

“I teach eighteen different types of health care, from if you want to be an eye doctor, or a pharmacist, or a nurse, or a physical therapist…

The curriculum is set up to where they spend ten days in each career, learning the ins-and-outs of it. The do hand-on stuff, they draw blood, they do eye exams. They get to learn all of that.”

Listen to the full podcast with Instructor Sylvia Brown as well as Career Coordinator Amy Hunt and six local high school students below: