Fire Station Mergers, Hydrant Flushing, and More Updates form the City of Union

UNION – (Information from the City of Union Newsletter) A new month means new happenings from towns across Oregon. The City of Union has a few updates, some upcoming and some ongoing, with an appropriate emphasis on fire safety.

A few small progress updates first. Public works are currently underway preparing the screen at the treatment plant for full replacement. A contractor has also been brought in to do prep work on the plumbing and electrical systems of the middle building of the ranger station as part of ongoing renovations. Bids for full replacement of these systems have been taken and will be discussed further at the June 12 city council meeting.

Speaking of the council, a resolution was recently passed to place the proposed annexation of the Union City Fire Department into the Union Rural Fire Protection District on the August 22, 2023, ballot. Questions regarding the merger can be directed to city officials.

Regarding fire, Union would also like to remind residents about the ordnances for burn barrel use and open burning:

Burn Barrel

  • “Only clean and not colored paper, dry limbs or twigs may be burned. No other material, including but not limited to garbage, tires, colored paper, cardboard, lumber , furniture, plastics, magazines, and diapers.
  • There shall be a 15 ft safety area around the container.
  • A well-fitting heavy gauge screen not to exceed 3/4” mesh.
  • Burning shall be limited to the hours from dawn to dusk, the fire shall be completely extinguished by dusk.”

Open Burning

  • “Only yard debris, such as dry limbs, shrubbery, dry leaves. Excludes any such materials that are wet, grass clippings, or green slow burning materials. No garbage, tires, cardboard, furniture, plastics, magazines or diapers.
  • Open burns piles must have a safety area of 25 ft around.
  • A responsible person must be present at all times, safety equipment such as garden hoses, shovels, rakes or other items must be present.
  • Fire must be extinguished by dusk.”

Lastly, Union would also like to remind residents that public works will be conducting hydrant flushing throughout the summer. Those who experience issues such as air in the lines or water discoloration can clear their lines by running water from an outside faucet for 5-10 minutes.