Culvert Failure causes closure on Forest Road 2850

John Day, Prairie City and Hines (Released from the U.S. Forest Service)-Ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, Malheur National Forest Officials want the public to use caution while traveling and recreating on the forest not just this weekend but every day. Sudden changes in weather can cause unpredictable road conditions, creating hazardous travel.

Currently spring breakup and snow runoff events have created plugged culverts, washed out roads and down trees across the forest. One location that has been affected by these conditions is a culvert failure at the West Fork Pine Creek crossing on the Emigrant Creek Ranger District, causing Forest Road 2850 to be closed from the 2850 road and 994 junctions to the 2800 road and 189 junctions.

Current Detours:

  •  From the north: 2850 road, to the 2800 and 189 spur, to the 2800 and 191 spur, to the 28 road, south to the 2850 road.
  • From the South: 2850 road, to the 2800 road, north to the 2800 and 191 spur, to the 2800 and 189 spur to the 2850 road.

For more information about the Malheur National Forest, visit or call our offices at:

• Blue Mountain Ranger District/Supervisor’s Office: (541) 575-3000

• Emigrant Creek Ranger District: (541) 573-4300

• Prairie City Ranger District: (541) 820-3800